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Inflation - Tire Pressure


Poorly maintained and improperly used tires are dangerous.

" UVBflDfldII‘IQ your tires can SENSE

The Tire—Loading Info rotation label which is located on the rear edge of Ihe Lil‘i ver‘s door RhL‘tWS the correct

inflation pressures for your tires. when they‘re cold. “Cold“ means your vehicle has been sitting for at least three hours or dn' yen no more than a mile.

overheating as a result at too much friction. 1t’ou could have an oinoul and a eerious eocldent. See "Loading Your Vehie to" in the lndett.

Underinflsted tiroe pose the some danger as overloaded tires. The resulting eooident oould eeuee serious lolury. Check all tires frequently to maintain the recommended pressure. Tire pressure should be oheol-ted when your tires are cold.

Overinfiated tires are more Illtely to no out. punctured. or broken by a sudden impact. such as when you hit a pothole. Keep tires at the recommended pressure.

Worn. old tlrae can cause accidents. it your “Md '5 hfldl'fl' worn. 0|“ H YOUI‘ tires hIWB been damaged, repleoe Ihem.



Don’t let anyone tell you that underlnfiation o]: ovarlnflalion is all right. It’s not. If your tlres don't have enough air [undefintletioni you can get: a Too much flexing

Too much heat

The overloading

Bad wear

Bad handling I Had tual aoooomy.

your tires have too much air {overinflaliooL you can get:

I Unusual wear

a Bad handling ' HDUQI'I ride Ir Needless damage from road halartla.

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