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Brake Master Cylinder

Your brake master cylinder is here. 11 is. Ii]]ed with DDT—3 brake fluid.

There are only two reasons why the brake fluid Icy-1:] in your muster eylmder might gu down. The first is nun the brake fluid goen down to flu necepw hh: II: ye! during nt‘rrn'nll bnlke lining wear. When new liningx are put in1 the fluid level 3065 ban-L up. The rnher Teaxnn in Ihal fluid is leaking Out nFtl'n: brake system. IF ll. is. ynu should have yuur bruit: system fixed, since a lea}: means. that sooner or laler your brakes wnn‘l work well. or

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won't work at all. He, iI i.5n'l a good idea In “top off" your brake fluid. Adding brake fluid wun't correct a leak. If you and fluid when yunr linings are worn. then ytru'll have too much fluid when year get new brain: linings. You should add (er remnyu} brake fluid, as necessary. Only when work is done rm lhe. brake hydraulic system.

1When yuur brake Fluid Falls In a low level. yeur brake wan-ling. light will come nn. See "Brake System Wanting Light” in the Index.

What In Add:

‘When ynu dn need brake fluid. IJhL' only DDT-.3. hmke fluid -- such as Dela-u Supreme and regular I I {GM purl “052535). Use new brake Jluid From a sealed container only.

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