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Wait at least it] minutes before checking the trensaxle fluid level if you have. been driving:

I When out5irle temperatures. are above 93°F {32 DC}. I At high speed for quite a while.

I In heavy traffic -- especially in httt weather.

0 Wltiie pulling a trailer.

Tu get the right reading. [he l'lu'td Hhtiuld be til nut-trial finer-tiling temperature. which is lliflgFtn 200°F {82°C to '93 DC}.

Gel. die vehicle warmed up by driving about l5 miles [24 km]: when outside temperatures are above Fillg F (10°C). lfil‘s colder than 50°F (10°C). you may have to drive longer.

To check the fluid level: I Park your vehicle on a level place.

I Place the shift lever in "P“ [Perk] I.vith the parking brill-re applied.

I With your feet en the brake pedal, nteve the shift lever thre ugh each gear range. pat: sing for also ut three seconds in each range. Then. puailiLl-n the shift

lever in "P“ tParlt}.

I be! the engine run at idle for ”1111‘ [U live annulus.


Then. without shutting eff the engine. follow these

“HI "


. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it. with a clean rag (11'

paper towel.

Push it back in all the way. 1ivait three eecentls and then pull it Intel-t out again.

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