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[f you no lungur ham: the averlieat warning. you can

drive. Just to be safe, drive slower for about Len minulfih‘.

If the warning doesn‘t cum: hack on. you can drive manually.

[I' the: warning continues. pull ever. stop. and park 1mm which: right away.

If there‘s still no Sign of steam ynu can. idle the engine for two or Ilirct: minutes while you're parked, 105cc if the warning stops. But then. if you still have Ihe warning. TURN OFF THE ENGINE AND GET EVERYONE OUT OF THE 1iFEHICLE until it cools down.

You may decide not to lift the hand but to gut Marvin: lialp right away.


When you decide it‘s safe to lift the hood. here‘s what ynu‘l] we:

I Coolant surge tank with pressun: cap

0 Electric engine fan

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