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help alreid Injury tu yuu er others: Never let passengers ride In a uehlcls that is being towed.

Never tow tester than sale or posted speeds. er with damaged parts not fully secured.

Never get under yeur vehicle after it has been titled.

Always use separate salety ehelns en each side when tearing a vehicle.

Never use “J" hooks. Use T-heolts instead.


When your vehicle is being towed, have the ignition key off. The steering wheel sl'ululd he clamped in it straight-ahead position. with a clamping device designed for towing service. De not use the Vehicle’s steering column luck for this. The U'ensaxle shouid be in Neutre] and the parking brake released.

Don‘t have your vehicle towed on the front wheels. unless you meet. If Ihe vehicle must be tflwed. en the frtmt wheels. don't go more than 35 mph [5? kmfll) er farther than 50 miles {30 km} or ye ur Ltensastle will be damaged. If these limits must be exceeded. then the front wheels he are to be supported on a dell}.


A vehicle can tall from a ea: eerrler It It Isn't properly secured. This can cause a eeltlslen. serleus persenal Inlunr and vehicle damage. The Imlalhlele should he tlghthr secured wlth ehslns er steel cables betere it is tranapurted.

Den’t use substitutes (rapes. leather straps. canvas webbing, eteJ that can be set by sharp edges underneath the tamed vehicle.

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