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So here are some tips for passing:

“Drive ahead." Loot: down the road. to the sides. and to crossroads for situations that might affect your passing patterns. If you have any doubt whatsoever about making a successful pass. wait for a better time.

Watch for traffic signs. pavement markings. and lines. If you can see a sign up ahead that might indicate a turn or an intersection, delay your pass.

A broken center line usualiy indicates it's all right to pass (providing the road ahead is clear}. Never cross a solid line on your side of the lane or a double solid line. even if the road seems empty of approaching traffic.

If you suspect that Lhe driver of the vehicle you want

to pass isn't aerate of your presence. tap the horn a couple oftimes before passing.

Do net get too close to the vehicle you want to pass while you're aWaiting an opp-annuity. For otte thing, following too closely reduces your area of vision. especially if you‘re Following a larger vehicle. Also, you won't have adequate space ifthe vehicle ahead

suddenly slows or steps. Keep back a reasonable distance.

When it looks like a chance to pass is coming up. start to accelerate but stay in the right lane and don’t get too close. Time your move so you will be increasing speed as the time comes to move into the other lane. It" the way is clear to pass. you will have a “running start" that more than makes up for the distance you would lose by dropping back. And if something happens to cause you to cancel your pass. you need only slow down and drop back again and wait for another opportunity.

If other cars are lined up to pass a slow vehicle, wait your turn. But take care that someone isn‘t trying to pass you as you pull out to pass the slouI vehicle.

Remember to glance over your shoulder and check the blind spot.

Check your mirrors. glance over your shoulder. and stem your Iefi lane change signal before moving out of the right lane to pass. When you are far enough ahead of the passed vehicle to see its front in your inside mirror, activate your right lane change signal and move back into the right lane. {Remem‘om‘ that your right outside mirror is convex. The vehicle you just passed may seem to be further away from you than it really is.)


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