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When you drive into a curve at night. it‘s harder to we the road ahead ot‘ you because it bends ttway From the straight beams of your lights. This is one good reason to drive slower.

Steering in Emergencies

There are times when steering can be more eli'ective than broking. Ffll.’ exurriple. you cortie oyer u hill and find :1 truck stopped in your lune. or :1 ear suddenly pulls out from nowhere. or ti ehilrl dons out from between [inked earn and stops right in l’rtrnt of you. You can avoid these: problems by hrtilting -- if you can .‘th-p in tune. But sometimes you can‘t: there isn‘t room. That‘s the time for erusiye ueliun —— steering. around the problem.

Your Buick can perform very well in emergencies like there. First :ipply your brakes. it is better to remove as much speed :is you can from a possible enllision. Then steer around the problem. to the left or right depending on the space available.

An emergency like this requires close attention :1an :1 quick decision. if you are holding the steering wheel at the recommended 9 end 3 o‘clock positions. you can turn i1 :1 full llllll degrees 1rery quickly without removing either hand. But you have Enact inst. steer quickly, and

just as quickly straighten the wheel once you have avoided the object. You must then he preparini to steer huelt to your original lune und then brake to a controlled stop.

Depending on your speed. this can be rather violent for an unprepared driver. This is one of the reasons driving experts recommend that you use your safety belts and keep both hands on the steering wheel.

The fuel that such emergency siru aliens are always possible is a good reason to practice defensive driving at all titties.


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