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I lf'yeur engine ever stops while you're driving, brake nen’n ally but don 't pump yum: hm Ices. IF you tie. the pedal may get harder to push down. If your engine steps, you will still have some p-D'wcr brake assisl. But you will use it when 3111.: brake. Dnee Ihe power

assist ih Used up, it may lake longer to step and the brake pcda] will be harder to push.

Anti-Lock Brakes {ABS}

Your Buick has an aid-wanted eleelrnnic braking system [Ital IWill help preven'l skidding.

This light on Ihe insintmem panel will go en when yeti start your vehicle.

If you keep pace wilh the traffic and allow realistic fellewing distances. you will eliminate a let uf unnecessary braking. That means better braking and ltmger brake life.


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