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SpeedometEr and Odometer

Your speedometer lets you see your speed itt both miles per hour {mph} and kilometers per hour f [math 3. Your odometer shows Itow for your vehicle has been driven. in either Inllffl {used in the LLB.) or kilometers; [used in Canada}.

Your Huiok has: a "temper-remnant odometer." ll'ynu curl eel: silver linex between the number; probably someone has tried to tum it back. The numbers may not b-t: true.

You may wonder what happens if it our has to have :I new odometer installed. If possible. the new one has to be eel to the same feuding the old one had. If it oun't he, then il's 5:1 :11 Hero, bul :1 label on Lht: driver's: dour must show the old reading and when the new one wax installed.


Trip Odometer

A trip odometer can tell you ho u.- many miles you have

driven since you last set it to zeto. To reset it. push the button.


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