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Windshield Wipers You can set the wiper speed fee a long or 511m delay between wipes. This can be very useful in Iighl rain Di'

gnaw. Turn the bend to choose the detail}.r lime. The closer to "L0.” L’me shutter the delay.

For steady wiping e1 low speed. turn Ihe bend away from you to the “LO" position, Per high speed wiping, tum ”I: hand further. to “HI" To stop [he wipers1 mmre the band In “OF ."


Damaged wlper blades mayI prevent yen frbm eeelng well enough in flrlw Hilly. Tl awlfl

damage._he'sm to clear leaned mm Irma the. wlpar blade: helm: uslng them. lflhay're

You comm] lb: windshield wipers by turning the hand from m Illa windshlelfl, mull? law or marked “WtPER.” thaw Il'lem. Ifypur blades du heme dimmed.

For a single wiping cycle. turn ll’n‘: band [B “MST." get "a“ mad" or m mm

Held i1. there unLiI the wipers gem. then let go. The wipers will slurp after one cycle. If yen want more Heav - - - - H _ y HIIDW at me can everlnad your name. A CII'CUII cycles, hold the band 0" MIST lungs“ breaker will step them. until the menu: eeels. Clear away snow er ice In prevent an nverlpad.

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