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nmintain brake application. Then move the shift lever into the gear you wish. See “Shifting Out of ‘P' (Perl-:3" in this section.

I R [Reverse] Use this gear to back up.

Tn rock your vehicle hack and forth to get out of snow. ice er sand without damaging your Innsmissim, see “If Ynu'te Stuck: In Sand. Mud. Iee er Snow" in the Index.

I N {Neutral} In this position. your engine doesn‘t connect with the - - wheels. 'Ib restart when you‘re already moving. use ' ® Automatic Overdrive TN" WEI-“mu DDIF- Also. “53 “N" when 3'01" “5131513 This positinrn is for name] driving. Ifyeu need more LS being towed. power for passing, and you're:

- Going less than about 35 mph {55 kmflfl. Push your amalgam-I pedal she-lit halfway dawn.

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