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111m are several Ways to luck and unlock your vehicle:

From the outside: Use your door key.

From the inside: To look d1: door, mow: rho lock ountml down.

Tb unlock 1hr. door1 more the look oonlrol up.

Power Door locks

Push the power door look switch to look or Imlock all the. doors a: once.

Automatie Door locks {Option}

If you have automatic door locks, jtlSl CIDEE your dUUI‘S. turn on the ignition and mourn your saloon}: out of “P“ {Park}. All doors will luck. If moon: floods to get out whilo your: in a drive position. have Ihal person “so the manual or power look. If you have your foot on the broke. the doods] will lock autcmmfimlly.

When you stop and move. your selector into “P" {Park}. your doors will mloolr.

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