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You wii] our: this lighl flash for :1 few seconds when you turn your ignition to "Run“ or "Sum." Then the light should go out. which means liil: sysiom is ready.


Air begs Inilale with greet force. taster than the blink of an eye. If you’re too close to on loitering air bag, it could seriously injure you. Satety

bolls help keep you In position tor an air bag inflation in a crash. Always wear your eatery belt, even with an air bag, and sit as ier back as you can while stlll mslnrslnlng control ol your vehicle.

Air Bag System Light Then: is. an air bag readiness light on lit: Itislrumeni A CAUTION:

panel, which shows "lNI’L REST”. 'i'hs syblom Chocks itself-and li'le light lcllx you if lhcn: i5 :1 pruhicrll. If the air bag readiness light doesn't Dome I'Jn

when you start your vehicle, or stays on. or comes on when you are rlrlylng. your air bag system may not work properly. Have your vehicle service-d right away.

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