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At Each Fuel Fill

[It is important for you or a service station attendant to perform these underhe-ed cheeks at each fuel fill.)


Engine Oil Check the engine oil level and add Level the proper oil if necessary: See ”Engine lCivil" in. the index fer further details.

Cheek the engine coolant level in the coolant recovery tank and add the proper coolant mix if necessary. See “Coolant" in the index for Further details.

Cheek the windshield washer fluid level in the windshield washer tank and add the properfiuid lt'neeessary, See “Windshield rWasher Fluid“ in the Index fer further details.

Engine Coolant Level

“firuishicld Washer Fluid level

M Least Once a Month


Check the inflatinn. Make sure they are inflatedtetlte press-urea specified on the Tue-Leading [nteimatien lab-e1 located on the rear edge at the driver's deer. See "Tires” in tile index fer further details.

At Lentil; Once a Year CHECK DR Key Leek Lubricete the key leek cylinders with Cylinders

the lute-ice nI specified in Section D. Bady


Lultricate all hotly deer hinges. Also lubricate all hinges and latches. including these for the head, glove box door and console deer. Section D tells you what to Lite.

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