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Scheduled Maintenance Services Schedule I

Foltnw Schedule I if your car is MAINLY driven under we or more nl‘the following conditions:

0 Wllm musl trips are lfis than 4 mite-i [Er kilometers].

I When most trips are less than it”! miles {16 kilometers: and uuuidc temperatures remain bellow freezing. I When must Iripts include extended idling ELnda'ur irequrnl low-speed nperatiun as in imp-and-ga traffic. I waing a trailer.”

O When upfiuting in dusly areas.

Schedule I should also be fulluwed ii‘ the ear is used for delivery service. police. taxi or other mmmemiai applicnfinns.


.I............. 533“?" fiiiiifimfl: Mimkliumflmm flflflfllllllllllfififi Services Fellowing ”Mills; Whichever flwMErfls {m} Schedules Iaud Ill Dceurs Flrflt

mm:- Emma-“IE

I. Engine Gil 6': Oil Filter Even 3 m0 m: (5001] km) Climate“ 01' El mflEIIJ'I'L

2. Glass-is Lubrication “In-n-n-u-n

3.1'hmttleBody Mounting manhunt: ilflDflflkml 'I'I'I'I'I

Bell: Torque" gm}-

5. Engine: Amusury Drive _ Belii'sfl Malawian" Ei'fi'l’ 30 90” I'm- [5U Dflfl kmi or 24 months.

-- . _- ArfiflDDmi.{1flLJtIkajnnI.-I 4' anmiEIMI bhpcumn & then every 15 [Hlii mi. (25 [Km km] or as necessary

6. Crating 33mm Service}

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