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Poorly maintained end Improperly used tires are dangerous.

I Overloading your tires can cause overheating as e reeult at too much friction. You could have an air-out and e serious accident. See "Loedlng Your Vehicle” to the Index.

UHdEI‘II‘IfiElflfl flfBE pose the HMB danger as overloaded tires. The resulting

scoldent could cause serious injury. Check all tires trequently Io meinteln the reoomm-ended pressure. 11re pressure should be checked when your tires are cold.

fluorinflated tires are mere likely to be cut. punctured, or broken by a sudden impact, such as when you hit a pothole. Keep tires at the recommended pressure.

Worn. old tires can cause accidents. III your trend to badly worn. or III your tires have been oemeged. replace them.

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Inflation - Tire Pressure

The Tire—Lmlding lnfon‘nalion label which is on the rear edge of 1.11: driver '5 door shows the correct inflation pressures for your tires, when they're cold. “Cold"

means your vehicle has been sitting for Ell. least three hours or driven no more than a mile.


Dontt Iat- anyonetellyou that uhfleri‘rfllatlon or: ofierlnfielion is el__lrlg'l'1t'..lt‘-s not. It yoortireeu- : dent have enough air [underlhfietlont you: eon- 9&1' The touch heating} . Too _m'uch heat ' ' “movedooding End weer Bed handling Bert tuel economy. - 1! your tires have toohrueh atr louertnfiallon]. you can get. - l Unusuetwenr .I It Bad handling I Rough ride II Readiness (Jamey? tram road hazards.

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