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Brake Master Cvlinder that sooner or later yeur brakes won't work well. or " won'l wen}: a: all. 50. it isn‘t a gnnd idea In "101:: fo'

Y‘H'T brake mu“? “Yum” i“ “‘3“:- h 5" 5'”le With your brake fluid. Adding brake fluid won't cerreel a DUES ‘3ka fluld- leak. ll' yun add fluid when your linings nre worn. then ytm‘ll have too much l'luiti when yuu get new brake linings. You should add {or remen'e) brake fluid, as necessary, {ml}r when work is done on the brake

hydraulic syetem.


H you have let: mueh brake fluid. it can spill an the engine. The fluid 1will bum if the Mglna l5

hut anuugh. ‘l'uu or others could be burned, and yuur vehicle could be damaged. Add brake fluid only when work Is done an the brake hydraullt:


Then: an: {ml},I {Wu Ieanuns why the brake fluid level in 311111" master cylinder might go down. The first is that the brake fluid goes down [0 an acceptable le Irel during urn-mu] brake lining:Ir wear. ‘Wht‘u new linings are put" in. Lhe fluid level [511.105 back. up. The other team" is that fluid is leaking nut 01‘ the brake system. if it he yen shnuld ha in: your brake nynlem lined, since a leak means

Refer tn the Mainlenume Schedule 11:: deter-mine when In cheek yuur brake Jluid. See “Periodic Mainlemnoe Insiieetinns." in the Index.

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