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What about gasoline with blending materials that cornein oxygen. such as MTBE or aloohol?

MIEE is "methyl unitary-howl other.” Fuel that is no more than 15% MTEE is fine for your vehicle. Ethanol is ethyl or grain alcohol. Properly-blamed fuel Misuommfl‘nnlfl‘hflgglist‘moforyour vehicle.

Methanol is methyl or wood alcohol.

Gasolines for Cleaner Jill

Your use of gasoline with detergent additives will help prevent deposits from forming in your engine and fuel system. Tint helps lteep your engine intone and your emission control system working properly. It‘s good for your vehicle, and you'll be doing your pan for cleaner en"+

Many gnsolines are now blended with materials called oxygenates. General Motors recommends that you use gasolinos with these blending materials. such as MJ'BE. and ethanol. By doing so, you can help clean the air, especially in those parts ofthe country lint have high carbon monoxide levels.

In addition, some gasoline suppliers are now producing refonnuiated gasolines. These gasolines are specially designed to reduce vehicle emissions. Benton] Motors recommends that you use refonnulated gasoline. By doing so. you can help clean the air. especially in those parts of the oomury that have high ozone levels.

You should ask your service station operators if their gasolines contain detergents and oxygenates. and ifthey have been reformulated to reduoe vehicle emissions.

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