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When your vehicle is being revved. have the igniu'en key

A CAUTION . off. The steering wheel should be clamped in a

gunfight-ahead [unveil-jun+ with a clamping deviee designed Te help avoid ln]urv to you or others: for lewing eel-tine De net Use the velfiele's steering

I Never let peasangere ride In a vahlele that column loci: for this. The uanemiesten should be in hi belng tit-wed. Neutral and the perkirlg brake released. “WW tow faster "'3" 397‘ 0" Famed Don't have your vehicle towed en the rear wheels. 5m unless you must. If the vehicle must be towed on the NEW? 10“ WW" W vans “DI “I"? rear wheels. don‘t go more than 35 mph {5? kph) or mm- farther than 3'0 miles {ED km} or yeur transmission wil] Never get under veer vehicle after It hea be damaged. If these limits must be exeeeded. then the been ilfletl by the Inter truck. rear wheels have Id be supported on a dolly.

Alweve uae eepevete safety ehalne on

each side when hunting a val'tltfla.

Never use “.1" hunks. Ueae T-heeke Instead.


A vehicle can tell from a ear earlier it It Isn't

properly secured. Thle can cause I eulllelon. serious personal injury and vehleia damage.

The vehieie ehuuld he iinhiiy eeeurad With ehairre or steel eahlee before it Is treneparted.

Don’t use enhatitutee (rupee. leather straps. canvas webbing. etc.) that can he cut by sharp edge: underneath the intend vehicle.


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