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Ir Know how to go uphill. You may want to shift down to a lower gear. The low gears help cool your engine and Lransniissinn, and you can climb the hill better.

Stay in your own lane when driving on two~1ane roads in hills or mountains. Don't swing wide or cut across the center of the mad. Drive at speeds that let you stay in your own lane. That vray, you won't be surprised by a vehicle coming mwaId you in the same lane.

It takes longer to pass another vehicle when you're going uphill. You'll want to leave extra room to pass. If a vehicle is passing you and doesn't have enough room, slow down to make it easier for the other vehicle to get by.

As you go over the top of a hillT be alert. There could be something in your lane, like a stalled car or an accident.

You may see highway signs on mountains that want Dfspeuial problems. Examples are long grades. passing or no—passing zones, is falling rocks area, or windin g roads. Be alert to these and take appropriate action.

‘Wmter driving can present special problems. See "Winter Driving" in the Index.


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