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Tips on Driving in Fog

If you get. caught in fog, turn your headlights on low beam. even in daytime. You’ll see and be seen better.

Don‘t use your high beams. The light will hounoe off the water droplets that make up fog and reflect back at you.

Use your defogger. In high humidity. W611 El light buildup of moisture on the inside of the glass will out down on your already limited visibility. Run your windshield Wipers and washer occasionally. Moisture can build up on the outside glass. and what seems to be fee may actually be moisture on the outside of your windshield.

Treat dense fog as an emergency. Try to find a place to pull off the road. Of course you want to respect flnflIJ'th'S property. but you might need to put something between you and moving vehicles space. wees, talephone poles, at private driveway. anything that removes you from other traffic.

If visibility is near zero and you must stop but are unsure whether you are away from the road. turn your lights on. start your hazard warning flasher. and sound your born at intervals or when you hear approaching traffic.

Pass other vehicles in fog only if you can see far enough ahead to pass safely. Even Ihetl. he prepared to delay your pass if you suspect the fog is worse up ahead. If olher vehicles try to pass you. nitrite it easy for them.

City Driving

One of the biggest problems with city streets is. the amount of traffic on them. You'll want to watch out for what the other drivers are doing and pay attention to traffic signals.


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