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ignore all: these markings and dash straight toward one part of the lot.

Pedeshians can be careless. Watch for them. In generalf you must give way to pedestrians even il'you know you have the right of way.

Rear—end collisions are about the most preventable of accidents. Yet they are common. Allow enough following distance. It's the best defensive driving maneuver. in both city and final driving. You never know when the vehicle in Front of you is going to brake or turn suddenly.

Here‘s a final hit of information about defensive driving.

'J'he most dangerous lime [or driving in the U3. is very early on Sunday mooring. in fact, GM Research studies show that the most and the least dangerous times for tiri ving. every week. fall on the same day. "That day is

Sunday. The most dangerous time is Sunday from 3 sun.

to item. The safest Iirne is Sunday from I!) are. to 11 am. Driving the same distance on a Sunday at 3 am, isn't just a little more dangerous than it is at IIEI am. It‘s about 134 times more dangerousl

That leads to the next section.


Drunken Driving

Death and injury associated with drinking and driving is a national eagerly. It's the number one contributor to the highway death toll, claiming thousands of victims every year. Alcohol takes away three things that anyone needs to drive a vehide:

I Judgment i Muscular Coordination 0 Vision

Police records shov-r that halfo‘f all motor vehicle-related deaths involve alcohol -— a driver, a passenger or someone else, such as a pedest'ian, had been drinking. in most eases. these deaths arr. Ihe result of someone who was drinking and driving, Over 2.5,“ motor vehteiearelated deaths ooeur each year because of alcohol, and thousands of people are injured.

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