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Press REL to see what track is playhtg. Press it again within 5 seconds to see how long the Cl] has been


The trade number also appears when you change the volume or when a new melt starts to play.


Pressing the COM? button makes soft and loud passages nearly.r equal in volume.


The RUM button means random and when it is pressed1 it will play the traelts in random order raLhes than sequential l.2.3...order.


Press and hold REV to return rapidly to a favorite passage. Release it to play the passage.


Press and hold FWD to advance quickly within a trash. Release it to resume playing. Watch the graphic display to stop at a speeifie passage.



Press FREE to hear the previous track. If you hold this button.or press it more than once. the disc will rtttlm to preyinus tracks.


Hess NEXT to hear the next track instead of waiting until the present track is finished. If you hold this

button. or press it more than once, the disc will advance further.


Press STEP}. (Stopfllay) and the disc will stop and the radio will play. Press STIPL again to restart the disc at the point where it stopped.

Press the PWR button or turn the ignition key off to stop the disc player. The disc stays in li‘tt“. player and will resume playing at the point where it stopped.


Press EJECT and the disc will eject and the radio will play. The disc will start at track 1 when you relnsert it.

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