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Rear Window Defogger {Option}

The lines you see on the rear window warm the glass to remove fog and ice. Turn the control on to start warmhtg your window. After a few minutes. it will turn off automatically.


Audio Systems

Your [Itelcol31 audio system has been designed to operate easily and give years of listening pleasure. But you will get the most enjoyment out of your system if you acquaint yourself with it first. Find out what your Deicofl‘ system can do and how to operate all its ctmtmls. to he sure you're getting the most out of the advanced engineering that went into it.

FM Stereo FM stereo will give you the best sound. But FM signals will reach only about ID to 4D miles (16 to ES km]. And,

tall buildings or hills can interfere with PM signals, causing the sound to come and go.


The range for most AM stations is greater than for FM. especially at night. The longer range. however, can cause stations to interfere with each other. AM can pick up noise from things like stonns and power lines. Try reducing the treble to reduce this noise.

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