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Headlights Reminder Light {Canada flnlyl

If your vehicle was first sold. tMien new. in Canada. this light will go on at night to remind you in tum an the headiighh.

Daytime Running Lights (Canada Only]

The Canadian Federal ICil:t'.-ernmeltt has decided that "Daytime Running Lights“ [DRLJ are a useful feature. in that URL can make your vehirle more visible te pedestrians and Etlhel" drivers titlritig daylight haunt. DRL are required rm new vehit‘iea acid In Canada.


Your DRL work with a light sensor en itlp of the instrument panel. Don't cover it up.

The low beam headlights will come on at reduced hrighlnear. in daylight when:

0 The ignition is on 0 Tile headlight switch is rail} and 0 Tile Il'fll‘lHflJiit! is; run in “F" {Park}.

.I’tt tier-it. ii'lhe Twilight Sentinel feature is turned (in, the exterior lights: will enrne tin atttnmalicitliy and the low beams will change to full brightness. Fit dawn. the exterior lights will ge out and the tew beams will change to the reduced brightness of DRL l'ii'the headlight switch 1'5 off}. If the Twilight Sentinel is off. at dealt a “l-IEA DLItiHTS SUGGESTED“ message will appear an the instrument panel to remind yet: to turn en the headlights.

Ol'etiurse. you may still turn an the headlights any time yet: need to.

Tn irlle your vehicle twith the DRL ei‘t'. shift the Iraneztxle inln “P" tPnrit}. The DRL will eta}r elf until you shift out ni“‘P“ tParkt.

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