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Push the LIGHTS switch In turn the headlights on or nt'l'. Push the "P" (PARK: switch to turn the parking lights on or off.

Headlight “0n” Warning

it the light switch is left on you‘ll hearzt warning tone when you turn the ignition off and. open the driver‘s. LlEtL'tr.

Panel and Interior Lights

The lnHlTUIlchll pane] light hrightnentt can he adjuxted when the parking or headlight: are 01:. Slide the lever toward Ill lu- make them brighter: toward L010 dirt] lltcitt. Push tht: lever in

The LIGHTS switch centrnls these light systteitts:

Headlights , . .

_ . INT tn turn tin the interim Tatlltghttt "Eh“- Parking Lights

Lice-nae Lights Sidemnrker Lights lnsnmnent Panel Lighth- Interior Courtesy Lights

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