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To Reduce Speed While Using Cruise Control

I. Push in The buuou at the end of the lever until you reach the lower speed you wunl. Ihen neleese it.

2.. To slowdown in very small amounts. push the hutlun for less than half a second. Each time you do this. you'll go I mph [1.6 l-Lmfli} slower.


Passing Another Vehicle While Using Cruise Control

Use the accelerator pedal Lo increase your speed. When you lake your foot 011’ Ihe pedal. your vehicle will slow down In lhe Cruise Control speed you set earlier.

Using Cruise Control on Hills

How well your Cruise Control will work on hills depends upon your speed. loud. and [he steepness oflhe lu'lls. When going up steep hills. you may have to step on the accelerator pedal to maintain your speed. When going downhill, you may have to brake or shift to a loner gear to keep your speed down. Of course, applying Ihe hm ke takes you out of Cruise Control. Many drivers find Ihis to be too much Houble and don't use Cruise Conlrol on steep hills.

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