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You can set the wiper weed for a long or short detoy Windshield Washer between wipes. This can he very useful in light rain or

mow. Turn the hand to choow the delay “me, The so the mo of the n‘lull tfitnolion lever there‘e a paddle closer to “L0." the shorter the delay. wilh the word "PUSH“ on it. To spray washer Fluid on

_ . the windshieldjuxt push Iho puddle [or less than a h?” steady “'IP'fleiiil1l‘5W SWELL ”1“" Fl“: him" a“?! second. The washer will spray several times. then stop. from you to ”if: ' LG posttton. For high speed Wiping. Unless they are already turned on. the *le will

turn the band further. to “III.“ To stop the wipers. move “PET-file at low 5mm for sevenil sweeps. then Iurn off. lhe l'Jlll'Id to "OFF."

To get more fluid on the windshield. push and hold the

paddle. Spraying will continue as long 21:; the paddle is held.

If this light comes on. it mount-i you're low on washer fluid.

Heavy storm; or ice can overload your wipers. A circuit breaker will stop them until the motor cools. Clear awe}r snow or ice to prevent an overload.

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