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Headlight HighiLow Beam

Tb change the headlights. l‘mm lew beam tn high or high to law. pull the turn signal lever all the way

When lhe high beams are on. a blue light on the instrument panel e150 will he on.

FIash-Tn-Pass Feature

This lealure lets ynu use ynur high beam headlighls in signal a driver in from of you that you want to pass. It works even if your headlights are eff.

To use it. pull Ihe headlight beam toward you a little {but not an Ear that you hear a click]. When you dc:

lF guur headlights are off: Your high beam headlights will turn an. They'll stay Lin as lung as yuu hulel the

lever there. Releaxe the lever to turn them off.

toward you. Then release it.

f reur headli ts are [in but rm low beam: The system wnrlts normally. lust pull the lever until il clicks. Your headlights will shift to high beam and stay there. To return In low beam.jusl pull the lever Inward ynu.

Windshield Wipers

Yelu eunlml the windshield wipers by turning the hand marked “WIPER.”

Far :1 single wiping cycle turn the hand to “MIST." Hold it there until the wipers start. then let go. The wipers will step after one cycle. If you want more cycles. held the hand an “MIST“ lnnger.


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