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The Turn SignallHeadlight Beam Lever

r3" :gm Huh l -—- l- I

amuse lem FEDNI

The lever on ll'lt" lei—I iirle nl' Ihe filtering mluinn il'lCllll'lE'fi ymIT:

I Turn Signal and Lane Change Indicator

1' I-[L'uulligii'l High-Low Beam 5: Passing Signal 0 Flash TH Pam-i Fculuri:

I Windshield Wipers

I Windehielul Wiislier

I E'i-ume {'nntml

Turn Signal and Lane Change Indicator


r‘JFI Lin H!“ -I - H'-

The lurn signal has lwn upward [fur RighLi mini lwu downward [For Left] pusiiions. These ptrsilinns :Lllnw you to signal EL turn or 2'. lane Change.

To sigma] 21 mm. mm'e Hie. lever all ihe xii-1i}; up in down. When in: [Lin] ]5 finished. lite leve1' will return iiu'lmnaliually.

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