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Motor Trend magazine name-1:] the [963 Buick Special "Car U" the Ycar“. Thc tintl production V-t‘i Engine was used in the Special.

.I' 9152 Birir'k Spcr'iatr

Built inside the walls of the old buildings in Buick‘s foriito'r Flint complex, which I'onocd U‘Ji: cornemtono of General Motors. Buick City it a state-of-tho-ort assembly facility with more Than 2m robots and other highitouh oouipmom. It was completed in the Full

of I935.

Buick; are. and will continue to ho. premium American moloroors will] .‘rll'LDDll'l painter. high performance, rich detail and comfortable accommodation.

Ed Merrz, General Manager. fluid: Motor Dt'i'o'r'mr

Our mission is simplo:

“Buick will provide PTemium American Motorcars hacked wilh wrvicc's ll'tflt oxcced our customers‘ cxpcc Latinas. throughout the purchase. ownership, service and report: hflHL‘ cap»: r'tence.“

Buick}; on: SUES‘IANTIAL. Buick: art: DISTLWC'I‘IVE. Buick}; arc POWERFUL. Huicks arc MATURE.

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