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o [[Fin-it Guarl Parking Brake

This position gives you even mare pnwcr {but Inwcr fuel mummy] than “."2 You can me i: on very steep hills. or in deep snow or mud. if the. aelactor It: ver :5 put in “.“1 the transaxle won‘t shift into first gear until Lhi: which: is going .tiltnwlgl.I enough.


It you m wheels can‘t tame. dinn't try to mm: might happen Hyatt-mm in very damp and w mutl alt-weren't galns‘ta solid attest. Tim: could damage-your tanmle.

film, it you stop when guing_.tlphlll.-dan't hunt your Mich-than with unfit lite accelerator

[adult This could wheat and damage the _ mu“ WV hum Dr M lnlfl"F" Pfll'k Th1: parking hrakcs LINES the brakes m1 Lhi: mar wheels.

iii hold your vehicle In positldn an a hill. To set the parking brake:

Hulti Lin: regular brakt: pudal down with your right lit-tit. Push dawn the parking brake pedal with your [all feet. ”the ignilitin is (In, the brake system warning lighl lwili CGITlE “Tl.


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