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I (I?) Automafic Overdrive I z [Second Gear}

This position is for normal driving. If you need more This position gives you moro power but lower fuel power for passing. and you‘re: economy. You can no: “2“ on hills. [t can help - control your spood as you go dovan stoop mountajn _ GsLnfiggfefigl-ahomlfil mezgfflnfl'flfiuah roads, but then you would also want to use your Y i y ' makes off and on.

Goo); about 35 mph (56 RM} or more, push 1h: accelerator all the way down,

You‘ll shift doom to the next goat and have more power.

I D (Third Goat) This is Liko *3. but you never go into Ovoldrivo.

Hag:| at: some times you nfigJfi choose " D " loslood of :

When driving on hilly, winding roads Whon going down a steep hill


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