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Automatic 'l‘ransaxle


It Is dangerous to get out oi your which; If the shift layer is not fully in “P" {Parit} with iho parking brake firmly set. Your vehicle can roll.

Don’t leave your vohlolo when the engine is running unless you have to. If you have iali tho angina running. the vehicle can move suddaniry. You or others could to injured. To be sure your vehicle won’t move, whan you're on falfly loyal grounfl1 always set your parking brake and move the shift lever to “P“ [Park].

See ”Shifting Into “P“ Park)" in the Index. li' you are parking on a hill, also see "Parking un Hills“ In tho Indoat.

There are several different ptiit'tii'tinn' for your 3'11' fl lever.

' P ”33“” Ensure the shift lever is fully in “P" (Park; range beforo This rocks your fmnt wilt-1315;. It’s; tlle [1.51 Pug-mun [U Starting the ongine. Your Bulclt hat. :1 brttke-tlatisaxle use when you start your engine because your vehicle “11“ WWW-Eli- "m'l hfl'r'i-‘ifl Willi “.12le J'UUF WEI-”Hr can] may-.3 “5““ brakes before you run shift From “F“ (Park) when [he

ignition key in in the "Run" [attrition ll'you cannot uhii't out ol"‘P" [Path]. ease prfififiiil’e on the shift lever - pufih the shift lever all the way into "P" [Parki and aim release the shift lever button on floor shift console models as you maintain brake applit‘atioli. Then l'l'm'i-‘E


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