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Engine Block Heater (Option)

[n mar}.r cold weadmr, n”? [-13 ”C} or wider. the engine block heater can help. You'll get easier starting and better fuel economy during engine warm-up,

TD gee the block heater: 1. Turn off the engine.

2. Open the hood and unwrap Lhc electricat cord. 3. Plug it into a mum-me}, grounded IlD—mlt outlet.


How iung shnu Id you keep [he block heater plugged in? The answer depends on the wealhcn the kind of oil you have, and some Dlher things. Instead of trying In list everylhing hart. we ask ihfll ynu mutant :1 Buick dealer in the area where ydu'll be parking ynur vehicle. The dealer can give you the best advice fur that particular area.

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