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The other positions let you perform these functions: Starting Your Engine ACE: Accessory lets you use things like the Edit} and Maw yum shift lever lo “P" {Park} 01. “N" {NeutIEtl}.

the windshield wipers Whe‘“ ”1? engine i5 “ft T“ "5“ Your engine won’t start in any other position that’s a Aoc.lpus|1 1n the 1.“? “6.1m" ’1 ”Wm W?" YD” safety feature. To restart when you’re already moving, steering wheel will remain incited. just as ll was before use “N" [Neutral] only.

you insewed the key.

OFF: This position lets you turn off the engine but still turn the steering wheel. It doesn't look the steering wheel like “J'Loek Use “Off“ if you must have your ear in motion while the engine is off.

RUN: This is the position for driving.

START: This key position starts your engine.

I. Don’t posh the accelerator pedal before starting your EnginE. In some other vehicles you might need to do this, but because of your vehicle‘s computer systems. you don't.

2, Turn your ignition key to "Start.“ 1it'v'hen the engine starts. let go of the key. The idle speed will go down as your engine gets warm.

3. If it doesn‘t stun right away. hoid your keg,I in “Start" for about litres: seconds at it time until your engine


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