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security fight will flash. But you don't have to wait Three minutes before trying one of the ignition keys.

Set: your Buick dealer or a locksmilh who can service the Pass-Key II n" to have a new key made.

If you're ever driving and Ike "SECURITY"!ighLeo1-ne5 on and continue-5 Io Hash. you will be able to restart your engine if you turn it off. You: PASSery I l T“

system, however1 is not working properly and must be serviced by your Buick dealer. Your vehicle is not pmtocted by [he PASS-Key [I 1“ system.

If you lose or damage a PASS-Key 1] m ignition key. see

your Buick dealer or a iocksmith who can service PASS—Key II T" to have a new key made.


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