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PASS-Key 11*-

Your vehicle is equipped with the PASS-Key ll "” {Personalized Automotive Security System] theft deterrent system. PASSsKey II T" is a passive theft deterrent system. This means you don't have to do anything different to arm or disann the system. it works when you insert or remove the key from the ignition. PASS-Key r" uses a resistor pellet in the ignition key that matches a decoder in your vehicle.

When the PASS-Key Ii 1" system senses that someone is using the wrong key. it shuts down the vehicle’s starter and fuel systems. For about three minutes. the starter won't work and fuel won't go to lite engine. If someone tries to start your vehicle again or uses another key during this Lime. the vehicle will not start. This discourages someone from randomly trying different keys with different resistor pellets in an attempt to make a match.

The ignition key must be clean and dry before it's inserted in Ihe ignition or the engine may not start. If the engine doesn‘t start and the “SECURITY" light comes on, the key may he dirty or wet. Turn the ignition off.

Clean and dry the key. IIWait about three minutes and try again. The security light will remain on. during this time. If the starter still won’t work. and the key appears to be clean and dry, ‘wait about three minutes and try the other ignition key. At this time, yen may also want to check the fuse {see “Fuses and Circuit Breakers" in the Index}. If the starter won‘t work with the other key. your vehicle needs service. If your vehicle does start. the first ignition key may be faulty. See your Buick dealer or a locksmith who can service the PASS—Key I] w .

If you accidentally use a key that has a damaged or missing resistor pellet, the starter won‘t work and the


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