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Barking at Night: Park in a lighted spot. close all windows and look your vehicle. Remember to keep your valushles out of sight. Put them in a storage area. or take them with you.

W If you park in a lot where someone will be

watching your vehicle it's best to lock it up and take your keys. But what if you have to leave your ignition key? ‘u‘u’hdt iFyou have to leave something valuable in your vehicle?

I Put your valuables in a storage area. like your trunk or glove box.

0 Look 'Ll1t.‘ glove box.

I look all the doors ex cent the driver's, I Then take the door key with you.

Universal Theft Deterrent (Gption)

It" you: Buick has this option1 it has a theft deterrent alarm system. Wilh this systemr the “SECURITY" light will flash as you open the door [if your ignition is off).

This light reminds you to arm the theft delerrenl system. Here‘s how to do it:

I. Open the door.

2. Lock the door with the power door lock switch or Remote Keyless Entry System. The “SECURITY" light should corn: on until stay on.

3. Close all doors. The “S ECLJRITY" light should go off.

if a door or the trunk is opened without the key or Remote Keyless Entry System the alarm will go off. It will also go off it' a door lock or the trunk lock is damaged. Your vehicle's lights will Flash and the horn will sound for several min no: 5‘ then will go off to save battery pow-:r,

Remember, the theft deterrent system won't srrn if you look the doors with 21 kc y or manual door lee k. [t arms only if you use a power door lock switch or Remote

Keyless Fmtry System. You should also remember thal you can start your vehicle with IJ'te Correct ignition Rey


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