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Duran: also created a racing team that won SDI} racing

trophies in IQUQ and 1910'. including successes at lmilanupolis two years before the lady SUD begun.

The success of Buick engines was visible not on ljr {in the race track. but in endurance lesLs across Ihe countryI and around the worm Buick was the on]; car to eumplele a I .flDfl-mile Chicago-io-Now Yuri: race in l9llfi. And a Buick was the first car In travel across South America. driven; from Buenos Aires. Argentina. over the Andes to Santiago1 Chile in 1914.

l9” Mndei 2f Touring Cur

Buick drew plenty oi‘atlentiun because il could climb hills and run fiuough mud like no olher car. Buick's endurance and reliability were world famous.

During ll.«lilorld War 1. Buick built Liberly airerafl engines as well as Red Cross ambulances so successful that one Buick ambulance was awarded the Cruis de Guerre by the French govemrne'nL

As a builder of premier aulomobilcs, Buick was hard hit by Ihe {"rreal Depression. However. new General Manager Harlow H. Currier: created popular new models including Ihe Special and Ihe Roachnasler. Buick sales 3001: flourished.

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