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2. Put the reamsint en the seal. Follow the instructicns 5. Buckle the belt. Make sure the release button faces for the child restraint. upward or nut-ward, 3c yctfll be able to unhuckle it

3. Secure the child in the child restraint as the “m“? if 3’0“ “‘3' “at“ “’-

instructicns say. I"). To tighten the belt. pull its free eml while you push

4. Run the vehicle's safety belt through or around the down an the Child refirainl.

reaIIainL The child restraint instructions will show '3. Push and pull the child remain: in different you how. directions to be sure it is secure. If the child restraint

isn't secure. turn the latch plate ever and buckle it again. Then see if it is secure. If it isn't, secure the restraint in a different place in the vehicle and ccntect the child ream-aim maker 1‘ er [heir advice.

To remove the child rmtraint. jmt unbuckle the vehicle‘s safety hell. it will be ready to work for an adult or larger child passenger.


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