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Child Restraints

Be sure to i'oitow the instructions for the restraint. You

may find these instructions on the restraint itselfnrr in a booklet. or both. These restraints use the belt system in your vehicle, but the child also has to be secured within

the restraint tn help reduce the chance of personal injury.

The instructions that come wilh the infant or ehiid restrainl 1will show you how to do that.

Where to Put the Restraint

Accident statistics show that children are enter it‘ they are restrained in the rear rather than the fi't'I-nt HL‘al. We at General Motors therefore recommend that you put your child restraint in the rear seat unless the child is an infant and you're the only adult in Ihe vehicle, In that case, you might want to secure the restraint in the front seal where you can keep an eye (In the baby.

Wherever you install it, he sure to secure the child restraint properly.


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