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The best way to protect the fetus is to protect the mother. When a safety belt is worn properly. it‘s more likely that the fettts won't be hurt in a crash. For pregnant women. as for an yrme. the key to making safety belts effective is wearing them properly.

Right Front Passenger Position

The right front passenger’s safety belt works the same way as the driver's safety belt. See “Driver Position." earlier in this part.

When the lap portion of the hell is pulled out all Ihe

way. it will lock. [1' it does, let it go back all the way and

start again.


Rear Seat Passengers

it's 1nary important for rear seat passengers to buckle up] Accident statistics show that unbelted people in the rear seat are httrt more often in crashes than those who are wearing safety belts,

Roar passengers who aren't safety belted can be thrown out of the vehicle in a crash. And they can strike others in the vehicle who are wearing safety belts.

Rear Seat Outside Passenger Positions

The positions next to the windows lta re laoshoulder bells. Here’s how to wear one properly.

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