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Avoid wires wrapped with yellow tape. or yellows.r

connectors. They are probably part of the air bag system.

But if the ignition has to he on for eleetrieal work. or it the steering column is to be disassembled. the air bag system must be disconnected. To do this:

0 Turn off the ignition.

0 Remove the SIR (air bag) fuse {see "Fuses and Circuit Breakers" in the hides}.

I Disconnect the yellow connector oi the base of the steering column.

When the work is complete. if the air bag system was disconnected, he sure to reattaoh everything and replace the fuse before turning the ignition on. When you limit the ignition key on. be sure you see the inflatable ret-tu-nini light on fine instrument panel. If you don't see this light flush and then go out as usual. have your air bag system repaired.

Safety Belt Use During Pregnancy

Safety belts work for everyone. including pregnant women. Like all occupants. they are more likely to he h'l‘il'i nusly injured if they don't wear saiety belts.

A pregnant woman should wear a lap-shoulder heit. and the lap portion should be worn as low as possible throughout. the pregnancy.


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