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1What malt es an air bag Inhale?

In a frontal impact of sufficient severity. sensors strategically located on the vehicle detect that the vehicle is suddenly slapping as a result ot'a crash.

These sensors complete an electrical circuit, triggering a chem icat reaction of the sodium azide sealed in the inl'lator. The reaction produces nitrogen gas. which inflates the cloth bag. The inflator. cloth bag. and related hardware are all part of the air bag inflator module packed inside the steering wheel.

How does an air bag tit-strain?

in moderate to severe frontal or neor—finntal collisions. even belted one upants can contact the steering wheel. The air bag supplements the protection provided by safety belts. Air bags distribute the force of the impact more evenly over the oceupattt‘s upper body. stopping the occupant more gradually. But air bags would not provide protection in many types of collisions, including rollovers and rear and side impacts. primarily because an occupant's motion is not toward the. air bag. Air bags should never be regarded as anything more than a supplement to safety belt protection in moderate to severe frontal and near-frontai collisions.

What will you see after an air bag inflation?

After the air bag has inflated, it will then quickly deflate. This occurs so quickly that some people may not even realize that the air bag inflated. The air bag will impede the driver‘s vision or ability to steer the vehicle. nor will it hinder the oce upattts from exiting the vehicle. Thene will be small amounts of smoke coming from vents in the deflated air bag. Some components of the air bag module in the steering wheel hub may be hot for a short time. but the portion of the bag that comes into contact with you will not be hot to the touch. The nitrogen gas used to inflate the air bag will have vented into the passenger compartment. and the bag will be deflated within seconds after the collision. Nitrogen makes up about Slim of the air we breathe and is not hazardous. As the nitrogen vents front the bag, small particles are also vented into the passenger compaflntcrtl.


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