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How The Air Bag System Works

Where is the air bag?

The driver's air bag is in the middle of the Steering wheel.

When is an air hag expected to inflate?

The air bag is designed to inflate in moderate to severe Frenlul or near-frontal crashes. The air bag will oni},r inflate if the velocity of the impact is above the designed threshold level. When impacting straight into a wall that does not move or deform. the titres hold level for most GM vehicles is between 9 and 14 mph. However1 this veiocity threshold depends on the vehicle design and may be several miles-pcrahonr faster orslnwer. In addition. this threshold velocity will be considerably' higher if the vehicle strikes an object such as a parked car which will move and deform on impact. The air hag is also not designed to inflate in rollovers. side impacts. or tear impacts where the inflation would provide no occupant protection benefit.

In any particular crash. the determination of whether the air bag should have inflated cannot be based solely on the level of damage on the vehiclets). Inflation is determined by the angle till the impact and the vehicle‘s deceleration, of which vehicle damage is only.r one indication. Repair cost is not a good indicator of Whether an air bag shouid have deployed.

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