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You will see this light flash For n I'ew ‘iEE‘nTIEin' when you turn your ignition Lu "Run" or "Start.” Then the tight should go om. which means lhe system iv. ready.


Air bags inflate with great force, faster than the blinl: or an eye. It you‘re too eleee to an lnliallng air bag, it eoutd seriously injure you Safety

belts help keep you in position ler an air bag inflation in a crash. Always wear your satetr belt. even with an air bag, and sit as lair back as you can while stilt maintaining control of your vehicle?

Air Bag System Light

There ix an air bag readinefis light L'I-t'l the instrument A CAUTION I

pan-31. which shnwx "INFLATABLE HES'I'RAIN'I‘h.

The system checks ilqeti' :1an the ligin tciis you it'll-im- is It the sir beg resrllness lighi doesn‘t come on u pruhiem. when you start your vehicle, or stays on. or

comes on when you are driving. your sir bag system may not work properly. Have your vehicle serviced right away.

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