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Subscriptions What You’ll Find in the Index:

You can subscribe to all Buick Product Service 0 A list of all PS P‘s published by Buick in a mode! Publications {PSP‘s}. This will include bulletins for all year (1939 or later}. PSP’s covering all models of cars sold by Buick and will not be limited to PSP’s Buick cars are listed in the same indent.

appiicable to any particular model. When you buy a subscription. you will receive the PSP's in periodic mailings. shortly afler they come out. A subscription costs US. $3633 {5 [06.5El including a special binder) 0 Price information for the PSP's you may want to and it entitles you to all P‘SP's published by Buick buy.

during the model year. You can purchase a subscription

by sending a check or money order to:

0 Ordering information so you can buy the specific PSP’s you may want.

Sen-ice Publications Post DIE—ice Box 190] Flintr Michigan 4850]

along with the order form located in the following text. You may get additional subscription ordering forms by calling lite mil-free number shown in the following text.

Individual PSP’s

If you don‘t want to buy all the PSP's issued by Buick for all models in the model year. you can buy individual PSF's. such as those which may pertain to a particular model. To do this. you will first need to see our index of PSP's. It provides a variety of information. Here‘s whal you'll find in the index and how you can get one:


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