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STEP TWO If after contacting a member of Dealership Management. it appears your problem cannot be resolved by the dealership without Fm‘titer help, contact the Buick Customer Assistance Center by ealling l-flflfl—Sll 43ml. In Canada. contact GM of Canada Custtnner Assistance Center in Oshawa by calling 1-300—263-3‘??? {English} or 1-8il0—2t‘i3-i‘854 [Frene h}.

in Mexico. call 254-1136. In Puerto Rice or LLB. Virgin Islands. call l-BW-ififi- | 3 | 5. In all other overseas

locations, contact GM lntemalionai Export Sales in Canada by calling l—4iEi-fi-tt4-4l i2.

For prompt assistance. please haw: the following information available to give the Customer Assistance Representative:

I 1t'our name. address. telephone number

I Vehicle Identification Number {This is available from the vehicle registration or title. or the plate attached to the left top of the instrument panel and visible through the windshield.)

'- Dealership name- and location I Vehicle delivery date and present mileage

0 Nature of problem


In order to give your inquiry prompt attention. please call the toll-free number listed above. However. if you wish to write Buick. write to Buick Motor Division. Customer Assistance Center. 902 E. Hamilton Avenue. Flint. MI. a listing ot'all Buick Zone flifiees and offices outside the [1.5. which can assist you can also be [bond in the warranty booklet.

When contacting Buick. please remember that your problem will likely be resolved in the dealership. using the dealership‘s facilities. equipment and personnel. That is why we suggest you follouI Step One first it‘ you have a problem.

Customer Assistance for the Hearing or Speech Impaired

To assist owners who have hearing difficulties. Buick has installed special TDD (Tulecommunieanon Devices for the Deafl equipment in its Customer Assistance Center. Any hearing or speech impaired customer who has access to a TDD or a conventional teletypewfiter {'TTY] can communicate with Buick by dialing: l-EGD-TlJ—BUICK. {TDD users in Canada can dial 1-800-263-33 3|]. ,1

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