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Hydraulic Brake Deico Supreme II E System {GM Pat! No ”1525353 or equivalent BUT-3 brake fluid.

Chassis lubricant meeting requiiernean of NLGI Grade 3. Category LB or GC—LB (GM Part No. 10524-9? or equivalent).

GM Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid {GM Part No. [052384) or equivalent.

Parking Brake Guides

Automatic ' llE Automatic Transasle Transmission Fluid {GM Part No. MESH-El} or equivalent.

Lubricate with Multi-Purpose Lubricant (GM Part No. 123-45I2fl}, synthelit‘ SAE EVE-3U engine oil or silicone lubricant {GM Part No. "3.522% or 1052217).

Automatic Transaxle Shift

Linkage Chassis Lubrication

Engine oil.

Chassis lubricant . meeting requirements of NLGI Grade 2.. ICateigpr}r LB or (EC—LB {GM Part No. WEE-49? or equivalent}.

Windshield GM Dptikleen" Washer Solvent WamrSulvent {GM Part No. 1051515} or equivalent.

Hood Latch


a. Pivots and Swirls Anchor

in. Release Pawl

3. Engine nil.

b. Chassis lubricant meeting requirements of NLG] Grade 2, Ili‘itlejgor}r LB or (TIC-LB {GM Pant No. [052491 or equivalent].

Engine oil or Lubriplalc Lubricanl [GM Part No. 1050109). Door Hinge

Weathers-trips Dielectric Silicone Grease {GM Part No. 123-4551"? or equivalent).

See “S pecifieations Chart“ in the Index for recommended replacement filters. val lies and spark


Hood and Dmr Hinges. Fuel

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